Fundraising Ideas

Fundraising Ideas to help get you started


abseil: reach new heights with an abseiling challenge

afternoon tea: hold an elegant afternoon tea with friends or family

arm wrestling contest: see who’s crowned the arm wrestling champion

art exhibition: showcase local artists and raise money through an entry fee

auction: encourage local businesses to donate items to be auctioned off



bake sale: get your local community baking to sell some delicious treats

bbq: fire up the grill for a charity BBQ day with friends or neighbours

bingo: who will be the first to check off all their numbers at a bingo night?

birthday giving: ask your loved ones to donate instead of buying you gifts

book sale: raise money through your community selling unwanted books


car wash: help shine up local cars in a community car wash event

cocktail night: mix up your favourite drinks in a charity cocktail evening

coffee morning: get together and enjoy a cuppa while raising money

crafts: turn your hobbies into a fundraising activity and get crafting

cycling: get sponsored to hop on your bike for a charity cycle


dance-a-thon: see who can last the longest on the dancefloor

darts contest: take aim to see who lands the bullseye in a round of darts

dinner party: pick a theme and host your own charity dinner party

dog show: let those pups strut their stuff to see who is voted the winner

drawing contest: challenge people to show off their drawing skills


eBay: sell any unwanted items you have lying around on eBay

egg painting contest: get creative to see who can paint the best egg

Etsy: use your crafting skills to sell your awesome creations on Etsy

exercise marathon: hold a day long event to see who can go the distance

Eurovision party: everyone can represent a different country at this party


Facebook fundraising: use Facebook fundraising tools on your social media posts

fancy dress day: hold a fancy dress day at school or work for a donation

fashion show: rock your best outfits in a local charity fashion show

film night: host your own film night, you can even get creative with themes

football match: see who will score the winning goals in a charity game


games night: get competitive in a board games or video games night

give something up: get sponsored giving up something you love

golf day: get outside and take to the green in a charity golf day event

grow a beard: let it all grow out while raising money for charity

guess how many: challenge people to guess how many items are in a jar


Harry Potter party: discover Hogwarts with your own Harry Potter party

head shave: shave all your hair off for some sponsorship money

hiking: take a sponsored hike and see how long you can trek for

homebrewing: try your hand at some homebrewing and sell your drinks

hour of earnings: challenge your colleagues to donate an hour of their pay


ice cream tasting: discover all the different flavours in a tasting event

improv night: let your community flex their skills at an improv night

international food party: ask everyone to bring a dish from a specific cuisine

iron man challenge: hold an iron man event and see who can tough it out

It’s a Knockout: have some fun with an It’s a Knockout event


jam making: try your hand at making some jam at home to sell

jazz night: take in some smooth tunes at your own jazz night event

jigsaw puzzle marathon: see who can complete the most puzzles fastest

joke-a-thon: crack out your best jokes to exchange laughs for donations

jumble sale: see what old or unwanted items you have lying around to sell


karaoke: find out who’s got the chops to be the best at karaoke

kayaking: take to the water to see who wins a charity kayak race

keepy uppy contest: who will keep the ball up in the air the longest?

kick a habit: challenge yourself to break a bad habit while raising money

knitting: use your knitting skills to create some items to sell


Las Vegas night: enjoy a glitzy Vegas casino themed evening

learn a new skill: get sponsored to learn a useful new skill

lego contest: see who can build the most impressive lego creation

litter pick: raise money for cleaning up your local community

loose change collection: ask people to donate any loose change they have


makeover: ask people to donate skills for hairdressing, manicures, etc.

mobile free day: challenge everyone to go without phones for a full day

mountain climb: rise to the top with a mountain climb challenge

murder mystery party: find out who done it at a murder mystery night

music concert: hold your own local music event or battle of the bands


nail art: raise money through creating beautiful nail art on people

name the [blank] contest: challenge people to name the song or movie

needlework sale: create some impressive needlework you can sell

night walk: get sponsored to walk alone or with friends all night long


obstacle course: see who can complete the obstacle course fastest

onion chopping challenge: who can go the longest without shedding tears?

open mic night: let anyone take to the stage in an open mic event

original recipe contest: bring out your best recipes to be crowned winner

outdoor theatre: hold an outdoor theatre show with entry fee


penalty shootout: step up to the line for a penalty shootout tournament

plank / press up challenge: see who has the strength to hold out the longest

poetry day: get lyrical and share your poems in front of an audience

poker night: all money won in the game gets donated to charity

pot luck event: everyone brings a dish to contribute to the pot luck


quickest time contests: see who can complete a task the fastest

quiet hour: challenge people to stay quiet for an hour, donate for every noise

quintissentially British party: tea, scones, and everything British

quiz night: test everyone’s knowledge with a quiz night to raise money for charity


read-a-thon: challenge people to get reading for charity

roaring twenties party: host a decadent theme party for your friends

rock climbing: see who can reach the top in a rock climbing challenge

running challenge: test out your endurance by challenging yourself to do a sponsored charity run


sky dive: take to the skies and get sponsored for a charity sky dive

sports day: get nostalgic with a school sports day themed event

street party: all your neighbours can get involved with a local street party

superhero party: dress up as the person you consider your superhero

short story contest: hold a contest to find the best short stories


table tennis tournament: see who edges out the competition at table tennis

talent contest: give everyone the chance to show off their best talents

teddy bear picnic: host a teddy bear picnic for families to enjoy

tombola: run a local tombola with fun prizes to help raise money for charity

treasure hunt: put together a treasure hunt around your town


ultimate frisbee: take to your local park for an ultimate frisbee competition

uniform free day: skip the uniform for a day in return for a small donation

University Challenge: host your own University Challenge style event

unplug from tech: get sponsored to completely switch off from tech for a set period of time

upcycling: transform old items into something new that you can then sell


variety show: hold a local variety show and enjoy an evening of entertainment

video game competition: discover who’s the best when it comes to gaming

village (or village style) fete: organise a village fete to help raise money



window cleaning: offer to clean neighbourhood windows for a donation

wine tasting: enjoy some delicious drinks at your own wine tasting event

world record attempt: challenge people to try and break a world record

X, Y, Z

X Factor competition: host your own X Factor style singing contest

yoga marathon: release the tension and stretch out your body for longer

yo-yo contest: crack out your best yo-yo skills in a competition

zero waste day: challenge yourself to go fully zero waste for a week