Andrew Brown’s Atlantic Challenge

On 4th December 2011 Andrew Brown of Flair Leisure Products set off to row 2,936 miles solo across the Atlantic Ocean to help raise money for The Toy Trust and Help a Capital Child.

He completed the race in a phenomonal 40 days 9 hours and 15 minutes alone and unsupported in a 24ft rowing boat.

In completing the task so quickly Andrew broke the World Record for rowing solo across the Atlantic Ocean!

There are more details about Andrew’s row on his website at

To raise this money Andrew set off from La Gomera, an Island in the Canaries, bound for Barbados, in the Caribbean, as a solo entry in the 2011 Atlantic Rowing race.

To put this challenge into perspective, here are some facts about the challenge.

  • Andrew is now the current World Record holder for rowing the Atlantic Ocean solo.
  • During the row Andrew consumed around 6,500 calories per day (he took just under a ¼ tonne of food on the boat)
  • Even consuming this number of calories he still lost stone in weight whilst at sea.
  • Last year more people climbed Mount Everest than have ever rowed across an Ocean.
  • Andrew is only the 26th person from the UK to ever have rowed the Atlantic solo.

“Andrew Brown’s commitment to raising sponsorship for the Toy Trust is deeply appreciated,” states Nick Austin, Toy Trust Chairman. “I sincerely thank all the industry for supporting him and we all recognise what it took to complete this amazing feat of endurance and courage.”

Andrew’s Challenge can also be followed on Facebook and Twitter: Search for Andrews AtlanticChallenge on Facebook or on Twitter, search for AtlanticRowing.

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